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Massage Therapist Spotlight: Lisa Moya

Since the beginning, we here at Embody Wellness have prided ourselves on the quality of our massage therapists. We choose our therapists specifically for the effectiveness of their bodywork as well as for their professionalism and ethics as a therapist; it doesn’t hurt that they’re all amazing people, too!

So, please allow us to introduce Lisa Moya!

EW: How long have you been a Massage Therapist?

LM: I’ve been drawn to massage and alternative healing for as long as I can remember. I finally had the opportunity to pursue this passion about 5 years ago and became certified and licensed as a Massage Therapist in July 2018.

EW: How long have you worked for Embody Wellness and what drew you or keeps you at EW?

LM: I joined Embody Wellness in October of 2018. This is an environment where each therapist is celebrated for their personal style of professional bodywork, and individuality is embraced among clients and therapists alike! Although knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology, pathology, and the like, play an enormous role in the effectiveness of my bodywork, my style also tends to be highly intuitive. Simply put, I love that Embody Wellness refuses to provide a ‘cookie-cutter’ massage session.

EW: Where did you go to school, how many hours have you completed?

LM: I’ve completed a total of 521 hours so far. 515 of them at Kali Institute for Massage & Somatic Therapies here in Ventura and the other 6 through continuing education courses.

EW: How do you continue your education now that you’re out of school?

LM: I take continuing education courses regularly through American Massage Therapy Association and other California state-approved programs. Equally, I love to read, so I’d say easily over 50% of what I read (and practice) each week centers around physiology, anatomy, healing/restoration and massage/bodywork. I continually seek new information and techniques to integrate into my practice...I can’t get enough! Currently, I’m taking a course on herbal preparations.

EW: How and/or when did you decide to become a Massage Therapist?

LM: Well, the seed for helping and healing was plated in me decades ago, probably around age 15.In 2016 I received advanced training as an Usui/Tibetan Reiki master. Because I’ve always had a passion and natural bent toward organic healing modalities, I’ve carried this unquenchable desire to know restorative bodywork as well. Soon after, I came across (literally, just walking across the street!) Kali Institute for Massage & Somatic Therapies.It was most certainly an act of divine act of providence. I signed up for Western Massage and my first anatomy class that day.

EW: Is there a story behind your chosen career path you’d like to share?

LM: One of my purposes in life is to be of service wherever I can... and I’ve always felt that to be true to a great extent. Before massage therapy, I was used for over 15 years working to help animals in the field of veterinary medicine.

EW: Do you have any other certifications?

LM: I’ve also earned a Diploma of Certification in Neuro-Structural Bodywork and Thai Massage from Kali Institute for Massage & Somatic Therapies. Back in 2016, I completed certification and attunement as an Usui/Tibetan Reiki master. I feel it’s important to have a well-rounded perspective on a variety of energy and healing practices so that I’m able to speak on the nuances of healing touch, prayer, meditation and energy work, as well as to share my experience with each. I love sessions where healing is our goal, whether it be a physical, mental or emotional need.

EW: What style is your favorite type of massage/ bodywork to receive?

LM: I love to receive it all! Regardless of the modality, I appreciate a therapist who’s driven by strong intuition and focused intention on healing and restoration. In my practice, I tend to blend modalities rather seamlessly so I can use whatever modality I feel is needed during any given session. They all blend into a beautiful dance, really.

EW: Do you receive massage/ bodywork regularly and why?

LM: Well, it varies, of course. When I was first starting, I felt pretty great with one or two sessions each month. But, now that I get to work on significantly more people than when I first began, receiving one mindful session per week makes me happy.

EW: How would you describe your massage style, what can clients expect to receive during your session?

LM: Before anything else, I usually begin with long and slow, fluid strokes to ease into the body so that I can sense and assess it with both touch and intuition. I do have a natural bent toward Swedish and Thai Massage, and my style is essentially all about being present with the body.Unless I’m working with a client who is requesting a specific modality, I typically integrate all of the above modalities, as well as Craniosacral, Lymphatic Drainage, Thai, Shiatsu...really, whatever the body and specific tissue/muscle calls for in that session. I’m results-focused so I love to use whatever I have learned.

EW: What is your favorite style of massage/ bodywork to give?

LM: Pregnancy Massage is most definitely something that I cherish. Otherwise, what I enjoy is to give a mindful Swedish massage with a Thai twist.

EW: What new styles/techniques are you interested in studying or plan to offer to your clients in the future?

LM: Myofascial Release is first on the list!

EW: What are the three top things you’d like to teach clients about what massage/bodywork can do?

LM: That self-care is not selfish! It is an absolute necessity for a balanced mind, body, and spirit. Massage and bodywork is highly instrumental in processing grief, alleviating stress and igniting creativity. Receiving regular and consistent bodywork will change your life. Period.

EW: What are some hobbies you are passionate about?

LM: I love nature and used to backpack at least once a year in the Sierra Nevadas and Yosemite. I’m passionate and active about the welfare of animals for sure ~ I support two dog rescues every in Puerto Rico and another in Costa Rica.

EW: Have you travelled to any exciting places recently/ at some point in your life?

LM: I intend on travelling wherever I possibly can...although as of now, my passport is blank. But, I’ve done a lot of travelling on the island of Puerto Rico my entire’s where my mother is from.

Read Lisa's bio here, and request him the next time you call for an appointment!

Embody Wellness | 805-217-3307 | 3897 Market St. Ventura, CA 93003

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