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My New Favorite...Khalili Cream

“Feel better… Move better… Live better!” And they really do mean it!

For those of you, like myself, who hadn’t previously heard of Khalili, you’ll be wondering why it took so long to find out about it!

Khalili was developed by chiropractor Kevin Khalili, D.C, over a course of 16 years and was introduced to the world in December 2013. He is located in Santa Barbara and has his own practice, Laser Rehab Institute.

So… Exactly what is Khalili?

  • A dual-activation cream designed for pain relief

  • Plant-based and uses extracts of arnica, camphor, cayenne pepper, comfrey, ginger, menthol, boswellia, curcumin and an organic sulfur compound (MSM) for pain relief

  • Note: It does contain menthol and cayenne pepper, so don’t touch your eyes with it and always wash your hands after application!

And… Why is it amazing?

  • Dual-Activation means it activates when you initially put it on and again when you’re moving around or exercising

  • It has a light, tropical scent that pleasantly lingers, unlike the medicinal smell of traditional pain relieving creams

Khalili works great for muscle and joint pain relief. I tried it for the first time on my left elbow to help ease pain while I took a cardio kickboxing class at CKO Kickboxing. First I made sure to shake the tube as directed, and when I opened the tube I was impressed with how wonderful it smelled! Once applied, within a few seconds I felt the warm tingling of the pain-relieving ingredients.

As I got ready for class by stretching and getting my wraps on, I could feel the Khalili start to reactivate. As we began our jogging warm-up and bag pushes (pushing lots of hanging heavy bags off the ground), I could feel the intensity of the warm tingling rise and my elbow begin to feel very tingly and pain-free. Throughout the class I felt the burning intensity of the Khalili cream the entire time.

I must say it was strong (I may have put a little too much cream on such a small area) but it was amazing because it helped me to punch as hard as I could without any discomfort! After the hour-long class, the Khalili mellowed out and remained as a comforting warm sensation around my elbow until I showered and washed it off.

*It is important to note that Khalili is not recommended to use with heat, so when washing it off don’t use hot water! Use lukewarm water to avoid any discomforting burning sensations.*

As a massage therapist, I have used this with my clients during their deep tissue massages and they really like how it feels and helps to manage pain. Several of my clients have even bought a tube right after our session to use on their own!

Embody Wellness is one of the few retail locations where you can purchase Khalili Cream. Please text or call us at 805.217.3307 or stop by Monday-Friday between 10:30am-5pm to try Khalili out for yourself!

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