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At Embody Wellness, we strive to bring you the most effective and talented massage therapists. Each therapist is state licensed and insured. Our therapists have attained Advanced Certification and are always continuing their education to provide a variety of modalities that better serve our clients needs. Below you will find a short biography of each of our current therapists.

Abby believes no one should have to live with chronic pain. Through her own experience she has found that consistent, advanced bodywork helps to maintain a pain-free lifestyle. She specializes in headaches and migraines, low back and hip-pain, and neck pain. She strives to educate her clients on the importance of regular bodywork and prides herself on building a superior team of bodyworkers. Abby is the former Owner and Executive Director of Kali Institute for Massage & Somatic Therapies, so she has a unique advantage to hand pick only the most advanced and talented therapists to work at Embody Wellness.

Owner, CAMTC #7627

Abby Nielsen

*Not currently taking new clients*

Courtney is a graduate of Kali Institute and has been practicing massage for several years. She chose to become a massage practitioner because she recognizes and appreciates the unique benefits bodywork can provide to both body and mind. She is trained in traditional Swedish, deep-tissue, chair techniques and pregnancy massage. She looks forward to meeting you and working on your wellness issues together.

CAMTC #35498

Courtney James

Shawna has been helping clients achieve better health and well-being as a massage practitioner since 2003.  In that time, she has built relationships with many long-term clients who include her massages as a regular part of their wellness regimen.  She graduated from Healing Arts Institute of Thousand Oaks, studying Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques.  She enjoys helping clients develop a personal practice of self-care to help bring their mind, body, and spirit into better alignment.  Her many years of experience and continuing education, combined with an intuitive awareness of the body, help Shawna create a unique bodywork experience for every client. Her goal is to help clients feel relaxed and balanced so they can live happier, healthier lives.

CAMTC #33752

Shawna McClure

*Not currently taking new clients*

Wenoka is a Midwest native who seeks to assist in the regenerative healing of her clients through therapeutic touch modalities, nutrition and Reiki. She received her 600-hour massage therapy instruction and concurrent clinical training at IMI in Michigan where that she learned modalities such as Swedish massage, Trigger Point, Reflexology and Reiki. She obtained certification in Nutrition, Herbalism and Natural Body Care through The American College of Health Sciences in Portland, Oregon and then continued her Reiki training at Healing Space Ventura. Wenoka is an intuitive healing facilitator that assures her clients are at ease during their massage, and holds supportive space for healing and communication. Clients often leave with reliable, take-home information to continue their improvement after the session has ended. In her free time, she enjoys spending time in nature, gardening, camping, reading and studying about natural health and nutrition, documentaries and attending live music events. 

CAMTC #46026

Wenoka Johnson

Shane received his original training as a therapist from Wellspring School of Allied Health and continued his education by pursuing an associates degree in massage therapy from the same institution. He has since run a successful private outcall practice in Kanasas City, MO. where he also worked with the University of Missouri Kansas City to provide Massage services to the students and staff in the Department of Music and Dance. As a professional dancer himself, Shane has been exposed to many types of body work and understands its importance as well as the relief it can bring to have a knowledgeable therapist working with you to achieve your goals. He has recently relocated to the Ventura area, and feels fortunate to be a part of the team at Embody Wellness.

CAMTC #68912

Shane Tice

Jamie is a Ventura native and a graduate of Kali Institute for Massage and Somatic Therapies. She spent the early part of her career as a Certified Massage Practitioner at Caress Day Spa in Capitola, CA. She is versed in Swedish, Prenatal, Reflexology, and Deep Tissue massage. Jamie is always seeking to further her education in Anatomy and Bodywork and is happy to share information with her clients that will aid them in their continued healing process.

CAMTC #60486

Jamie McCurdy

Hilary became a Licensed Massage Therapist in November of 2017, shortly before she began working at Embody Wellness. She has always been interested in healthcare, stretching and body-mechanics. Hillary has practiced Swedish, Thai, Pregnancy, Lymphatic Drainage, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Lomi Lomi, Hot Stone, Cupping, Neuro-Structural Bodywork(Deep Tissue) and Sports Massage. She adjusts her massage to suit her client, taking things from different styles and providing a truly unique experience. 

CAMTC #74720

Hilary Bartlett

Bodywork and energy work are something that Lisa holds very close to her own heart & soul. She began with her training and practice as a Tibetan Reiki Master and is a graduate of Kali Institute for Massage & Somatic Therapies. While she has both a love and natural bent for Swedish massage, Lisa enjoys the ability to intuitively integrate whichever modalities her client needs to achieve the therapeutic goal of each session. She is also trained in Neuro-Structual Bodywork, Craniosacral, Lymphatic Drainage and Hot Stone Massage. Lisa is grateful to be a part of Embody Wellness and what they stand for. “Personally, this kind of work has changed my life on a body, soul and mind level in a tremendous way and I just love to share it!”

CAMTC #76317

Lisa Moya

Alvaro started his career as a Certified Personal Trainer 5 years ago. During the process of becoming a professional athlete and a national level bodybuilder, he sustained a few injuries that forced him to take a break to recover. While seeking treatment from a massage therapist, he gained interest in sports massage therapy. Alvaro received his 900-hour certification from the National Holistic Institute, with training in Sports Massage Therapy, Deep Tissue Therapy, Swedish, Myofascial Release Therapy, Shiatsu and energy work. His mission is to provide therapeutic massage and bodywork for the enhancement of health and general wellbeing.

CAMTC #77343

Alvaro Bravo

CAMTC # 75907

Janeen Coronado

Kayte’s goal for her massage clients, is one of correction and recovery from pain, stress and tension. She is intuitive and sensitive and will listen closely to you, and tailor your treatment to your needs.

Kayte’s training is in Neuro-Structural Bodywork, Swedish, Manual and Decongestive Lymphatic Drainage, Pregnancy, Hot Stone, Reiki, Acupressure, Trigger Point, Reflexology, Oncology, Energy Work and Trauma Release.

Her treatments can range from deep to very light pressure. Her technique of deep massage, (Neuro-Structural Bodywork), releases the muscles without feeling pain afterwards.

Kayte believes that the body is miraculous and can heal, as she has healed from many injuries herself through massage and other modalities. She will share ideas for you to investigate at home to continue in your healing.

Kayte is a very active person, enjoying hiking, boogie boarding, dancing, swimming, art, music and spending time with her three children.

She hopes to be on your team for recovery, healing and happiness.

CAMTC # 46902

Kayte Carr

CAMTC # 56157

Elena Oks

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