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We believe in the benefits and overall well-being that can be obtained through regular bodywork.


We strive to educate our clientele on these beliefs and practices in order to better their lives, not just manage their pain. We have experienced the amazing results ourselves and want to pass our years of experience, knowledge and passion on to you! We know that in today’s world massage and bodywork is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. Whether it be to manage or alleviate chronic pain or work through a sports injury, the staff of Embody Wellness is ready to assist you.


We know that the only way to reach lasting results is by attacking pain at the source and working to repair it, instead of just covering up the symptom.


On a daily basis our demanding schedules wreak havoc on our bodies. Stress and tension builds, sometimes for years - until one day you realize you have pain that never actually goes away. We just learn to ignore – or worse – live with it until it gets so bad we are willing to try anything to alleviate it.  The answer to these problems is patience, a commitment to taking care of yourself, and regular bodywork to help teach your body how to function without tension. Our staff is highly trained in a multitude of styles and techniques to help meet your individual needs.


About Us

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