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Our Treatment Plan

We will focus on your trouble areas, using a more therapeutic method of massage and bodywork, working to reduce your current pain level until we reach a point of maintaining a pain free life.  Depending on the nature of your issue we can use therapy methods such as massage, stretching, acupressure and cupping.


  • For high levels of pain, tension and discomfort on a daily basis, our recommendation is one to two sessions per week.

  • Once your intense pain has subsided to a bearable level, our recommendation is one session per 10 days.

  • Soon your pain levels will start to decrease to where little to no medicinal pain management is required, our recommendation is to continue sessions every two to three weeks.

At this point you will be coming to your regularly scheduled appointment already feeling great.  It’s time to push your appointment out a week. This is the best of both treatment styles, massage sessions featuring therapeutic work and relaxation techniques. This will continue until we are just maintaining.

  • For maintenance, our recommendation is continuing sessions every four to six weeks.

Massage Services

Massage Services


Deep Tissue / Corrective Bodywork / Prenatal Massage with Prenatal Pillow

  • 30 minutes - $55  |  45 minutes - $70  |  60 minutes - $85  |  75 minutes - $100  |  90 minutes - $110

Swedish / Thai-Stretch / Side-Lying Prenatal Massage

  • 30 minutes - $50  |  45 minutes - $65  |  60 minutes - $80  |  75 minutes - $95  |  90 minutes - $105

Lux Amare Signature Massage

(includes a 15 minute essential oil consultation) READ MORE

  • 60 minutes - $100  |  75 minutes - $120  |  90 minutes - $140

Hot Stone Massage

  • 60 minutes - $100  |  75 minutes - $120  |  90 minutes - $140

Couples Massage

  • $190 for 60 minutes  | $220 for 75 minutes | $240 for 90 minutes.

Add-On Services for $5 each:

Aromatherapy  |  Cupping Therapy  |  Relaxing Rice Pillows  |  Hot or Cool Towels  |  Khalili Cream

Here are some popular styles of massage therapy to help you describe what you're looking for to your therapist and the booking attendant. Please let us know if you have specific requests while scheduling your appointment. Hot Stone Therapy, Pregnancy Massage and Cupping Therapy all need some extra preparation time, so please make sure to specify these styles in advance. 

Deep Tissue, Pregnancy Massage, CranialSacral Therapy, Hot Stone and Lymphatic Drainage appointments are subject to therapist availability.

$5 Add-On's:


Cancellation Policy

Early cancellations: There is no penalty or fee for appointments which are canceled up to twenty-four (24) hours before their scheduled start time. 


Late Cancellations: There is a $45 fee charged/deducted for any service canceled within twenty-four (24) hours of the service's scheduled start time. If you are experiencing an unforeseeable emergency or circumstance, please contact the office prior to canceling your appointment.


No-Shows: If you fail to show up for your scheduled appointment, the full cost of the service will be charged to reimburse the therapist for their time and effort.


Any illicit or sexually suggestive remarks or advances, made by the client directly or indirectly during any session or interaction with the business will result in immediate termination of the session and the client will be liable for full payment of the scheduled appointment.

Cancellation Policy
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