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Medical Massage Referrals

With our county status currently in the Purple tier, we're required to have a referral from a medical professional in order to see clients for massage services.


Medical professionals can include your primary doctor or a specialty physician that you see, a physical therapist, a chiropractor, or an acupuncturist.⁠

If you're unsure of where to obtain your own medical referral, the following is a list of medical professionals affiliated with Embody Wellness who are able to provide you with the necessary referral so that you can get the bodywork you need from your trusted massage experts. ⁠

  • David Eckerson, D.C. Eckerson Chiropractic. (805) 701-7013

  • Brian Kane. (805) 755-9787 *Texts Only*

If you have any questions or concerns regarding medical referrals, contact us at (805) 217-3307

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